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Baby 2 Months
Baby 2 Months

Without feeling, you already hold the baby in your hands for 2 months and start to discover new things in your development or there are some that you know should happen, but you are not familiar with when and how. Excitement, coupled with difficulties, gives each of the parental forces a struggle to see the development of their child. Development in a baby at 2 months

In the monthly visits of the GP, each parent receives complete information about the development of the little person. This includes: Directing pounds in a baby at 2 months - here in this indicator it is necessary to say that the kilograms grow almost the same regardless of whether the child is on dry milk or breast milk. The normal weight of the board is about 1.5 kg for 2 months. Or if 3 pounds are born, in the second month it should be about 4.5 kilograms. Growth - After 2 months the child develops smoothly from the height. For example, if the child is born at about 52 cm, it is now about 60, with each child being different.

Vision - During this time, each baby has a well-developed vision and looks almost at all, with his brilliant worlds being particularly interesting.
Unlike the first month, there are now changes in baby behavior. The most noticeable of them in the second month is the baby's ability to keep her head upright. At the beginning of 2 months, this ability still fluctuates, but by the end of the second month it is quite normal. Expect the little creature to be in trouble if it is lying down. Most children want to be kept upright to see and watch everything. Getting to know their forces wants to be on line and get to know the environment. There is a way that is actually mandatory and recommended by all pediatricians, namely daily exercise. It's good at least twice a day to put your baby in a posture on your stomach and set your hands to lean, so he can only straighten his head. Note that after about 2 minutes it gets tired and the head starts to fall down. This is a sure sign that it is time to stop the exercises. The other thing that changes dramatically is learning the movement of the hands and feet of your child. It already manages to master some of this ability and moves them a little more smoothly. Diet regimen in a baby of 2 months
During this period, it is still early to talk about a diet, because many children are looking for milk every 3 hours despite the pediatricians' recommendations that the meals should be reduced and become 6 days a day. In principle, between midnight and morning to 6, it is good not to feed the child to rest on his stomach, but this is not quite true. It is still early to feed other foods because the stomach is not ready to take other foods.
Sleep and everyday life in a baby at 2 months
If you are one of those parents whose children are sleeping all night, you are lucky. Generally, at this stage, children are sleeping longer, but also less often. Or else the baby already has strength and is awake for a long time and is looking for attention. On average, a 2-month-old baby is sleeping 4-5 times a day for about 3 hours and is awake for the rest of the day. Do not despair if your child chooses to be awake at night and sleep during the day. You are not alone, there are many children who turn their everyday life. Baby care for 2 months
In the 2 months it is still early to talk about a game of great value, but still your baby needs it, there is some kind of game or, more precisely, the pursuit and understanding of everything around. For example, walking from room to room and asking to touch most things. Or maybe she was lying on the edge of it to have colored things. Suitable plastic bags or soft balls. Choose the toys carefully because in the 2nd month the baby wants to put everything in his mouth. This is quite normal in their initial development, they get to know the world around, tasting the taste of everything they get. There is a sense of development in the identification of individuals and people as a whole. The baby likes to see the people who are constantly in his everyday life. And they also express with crying when something does not like them or they do not know a figure. When the baby is 2 months old, the hearing is already perfect, even strong and captures noises that if strangers are likely to cry, especially if they are too strong and irritating the eardrum. First of all, this is the beginning of something long and difficult, because every day the child is formed as a person and expresses his feelings. Remember that each baby starts to shape his character every 2 months, so it is extremely important to talk to him and take time only for him. This makes the child feel more stubborn and develops fast over the entire 2 months.

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