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South Korea checks banks that offer accounts in bitcoin
South Korea checks banks that offer accounts in bitcoin
CryptoLauters are very popular in the country and authorities want to be sure that money laundering laws are being respectedFinancial regulators in South Korea will check six banks that offer their customers accounts in a battlefield, Reuters reports. The check will show whether banks comply with anti-money laundering legislation, and whether real accounts are used for accounts.

Virtual currencies can not be used as a means of payment but can be used for illegal purposes such as money laundering and illegal activity financing, South Korean financial regulators explain.The review is directed at NH Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, Shinhan Bank, Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank and Korea Development Bank. At this stage, the management of the banks did not comment on the upcoming actions of the regulators.
It is clear from the institutions' statements that there will also be ways to reduce the risk of shale trade, which is very popular in South Korea.

One of the cryptographic markets in the country, Youbit, announced bankruptcy in December after being hacked twice in the past year

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