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How does a newborn develop after 1 month?
How does a newborn develop after 1 month?
1. Kg - the limit of the normal weight of each newborn baby is accepted. Usually they are born between 3 pounds and 3 and a half. At first, the newborn infant grows very quickly and it is perfectly normal to gain at least 1 pound in 1 month. This is due to the number of meals and sleep. As our grandmothers say grows while sleeping, and some say what their job is - to sleep and to eat, there is a dose of truth, of course. However, if the child is born a little more or less of these kilos is not a problem, because the same children do not, much depends on the parents, as well as the pregnancy itself.

2. Growth - and here there are some normal limits, which does not mean that if you are beyond this limit your baby is not well. The boundaries are based on the fact that most children are born with such height. And this is between 47-54 cm, and you need to know that baby in the 1st month develops with about 3-4 cm. There may, of course, be somewhat less development in the growth of the baby.

3. Baby's abilities in 1 month - during the first 30 days of their life, each baby is almost incapable of doing anything. It is still too weak, the muscles have not blurred enough and no habits are built. As they say, he does not know where he is, and what remains to do things. Which are normal for older children. So, do not expect miracles from your little baby at 1 month, enjoy it in the short time when it is awake. His abilities are expressed in chaotic throwing of hands and feet.

4. Vision - no matter how strange it sounds, our children are born with very low vision, they do not see more than 20 cm from themselves. This is very important because every child needs to see to express their sensations. The baby at 1 month has a weakened vision and relies heavily on hearing that is well developed. It is good for your child to see you, so he feels loved and sure he is safe. In the little hours of the day, when awake, he needs to be cuddled and close to him to see you. During the first 30 days, vision develops rapidly when the baby is 1 month old already.

Sleep is an important part?

There is no way not to mention sleep because it is the main action that every newborn performs, especially for a baby of 1 month. In the first month, the hours when sleeping are around 16-17 of the day. It is created because immediately after birth the growth hormone is the strongest and as we know its separation is strongly expressed while the child is asleep. In most babies the first sleep mode is about 2 hours after a little awakening, then eating and sleeping again.This begins to change towards the end of the first month. When the sleep decreases, but little. The child needs sleep to grow. There are many things to be done with each baby at one month to make it even when sleeping. For example, every meal follows sleep, but you need to change the direction the baby is sleeping - from the left shoulder to the right shoulder. Because it can not only rotate, but when sleeping on only one side there is a danger of grasping.Another important choice for the mother is how to sleep the child, some prefer to cuddle and sleep, and other women choose the children to fall asleep themselves in their beds. This is a personal choice for every family, but remember that your baby needs to feel the warmth of her parents at one month, so she feels calm and secure.

Eating a baby at 1 month?

Yes, as all women have said through this - the 3 hours regime. Everything revolves around getting the next meal in 3 hours. No matter if the baby is on breast milk or artificial milk, eating is inevitable. Especially difficult is the first month. Because the newborn baby is hungry every 3 hours.The milk it takes is in small quantities, but at frequent intervals. Tired of every parent, but as it is easy to say, the parent does not get up. The one who nourishes the child is careful and cautions that the baby does not choke because they are greedy and still have no express swallowing habits.If your baby does not panic at 1 month, it's hard to get the first few times. You need to lift the child and pat it a little, another way is to catch his nose to open his mouth and breathe lightly inside. It is important to calm the children often drink at the beginning, especially when your baby is 1 month old.

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