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The Importance of Nutrients for the Body of the Child
What do we need to know about basic nutrients and, of course, their relevance to the body of the child?
Proteins, as it is known, are part of every living cell, every organism. Without protein, life is impossible. They are the main building block of the cell, the main building material for the growth of the living organism. That is why the full satisfaction of the child's protein needs is a prerequisite for the normal growth of the child. Proteins are distinguished from fats and carbohydrates in that they contain nitrogen. Therefore, other nutrients can not replace them. The value of nutritional proteins depends on their amino acid composition and in particular on the content of so-called essential amino acids.

The organism supplies its proteins through both animal and vegetable food. Protein proteins include those found in food of animal origin: milk and dairy products (cheese, yellow cheese, curd), eggs, meat, fish. The main sources of protein of plant origin are beans (beans, peas, lentils), soybeans. Cereals, potatoes, vegetables, walnuts and others. also contain, although in a smaller amount of proteins that are important for nutrition. However, plant proteins are not complete. Only the soy in quality (aminoacid composition) of its proteins is approaching the animal proteins. So, in order for the child to be fully fed, most of his protein needs have to be met at the expense of proteins of animal origin.

Although proteins are the main building material of the living cell, the cells contain, albeit in a much smaller amount, fat and carbohydrates. Fats and carbohydrates are also the main source of energy for the human body.

The main sources of fat in human food are: milk, butter, cream, egg yolk, lard, and vegetable oils - sunflower, pumpkin, olive oil, etc.

But most valuable are milk fats and egg yolk fats. They also contain vitamins (vitamin D, E, A), which are of great importance for the child's organism.

Sources of carbohydrates are mainly the products of vegetable origin - sugar, bread and bakery products, rice, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, honey etc.

For the proper flow of metabolism, the body must also receive the necessary vitamins. For the existence of the living organism it is necessary to supply all the vitamins. It is enough to lack or reduce the amount of only one of the vitamins in order to get into the body (hypovitaminosis). The greater the deficiency of vitamins, the stronger the disturbances, and the complete lack of one or more vitamins leads to death.

Vitamins are divided into two large groups - fat-soluble vitamins, mainly found in animal fats (butter, milk, yolk and especially fish oil) - vitamins A and D and water-soluble vitamins - vitamins C, B2, PP, etc., which are mainly supplied with vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, nuts, etc. The rich in B vitamins is also the yeast and other types of yeast (bread, etc.).

Lack of or deficiency of vitamin A leads to visual disturbances. It participates in the processes of growth and has importance for the resistance of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, etc. Therefore, the lack or lack of this vitamin is expressed in a tendency to inflammation of the airways, pneumonia, gastrointestinal disorders .

Vitamin D regulates the deposition of calcium and phosphorus in the bones. The neatness of this vitamin disturbs the growth of childhood bones - rickets develop.

Vitamin C plays a major role in the metabolism processes, the body's resistance to disease and other adverse effects on the external environment. Sources of vitamin C are mainly vegetables and fruits. Especially rich in this vitamin are lemons, oranges, hips. This vitamin, however, is the most unstable of all vitamins. It breaks down easily from the air in the air, especially when heated. In the event of improper storage and cooking of the products, a large part and sometimes the whole amount of vitamin C is destroyed. Especially the vitamin C organism is depleted in the late winter and early spring, when there is almost no fruit and vegetables, and as long as there is, due to their long storage, their vitamin content has greatly decreased.                                                                                                  Group B vitamins (B1, B2, PP) are of great importance for the activity of the nervous system, the digestive system and others. These vitamins are found in beans, potatoes, bread (rich in vitamin B1 in bran, especially wheat) and others. Vitamin B1 is also rich in some animal products, liver, yolk, milk, and more.

Less is said and written about the need for salt, and they are as necessary as vitamins. The body continuously releases salts, so they must be contained in the food. Salts are a building block of tissues and are necessary for the growing organism. Calcium and phosphorus salts, for example, are part of the bones and are indispensable for their growth. The iron enters the red blood cells and plays an important role in the formation of the blood.

Magnesium and cooking salt are absolutely necessary for the body. Copper, cobalt, iodine, nickel, zinc, and fluorine (the so-called trace elements), although in minimal quantities, should also be delivered regularly to the body because their lack or deficiency leads to severe injuries. Copper and cobalt are indispensable for blood formation, fluoride enriches the tooth enamel, and its absence leads to tooth decay, and so on.

The regular introduction of all these elements necessary for the human body can be provided only with a variety of foods including vegetables and fruits, milk, dairy products, eggs, etc. Parsons rich in microelements are especially potatoes, peas and spinach.

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